Office of Kelly M. Hagan
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee

341 Meetings

The debtor must attend the 341 meeting of creditors.  If the debtor or debtor's attorney cannot attend the meeting on the date set by the court, it may be possible to reschedule the meeting for another regularly-scheduled 341 day.  It may also be possible to conduct the meeting by telephone, with approval from the trustee.

By law, certain documents must be provided prior to the meeting; other documents will assist the trustee in preparing for the meeting and closing the case as soon as possible.


At the meeting, the trustee will ask the debtor questions under oath.  Creditors may also appear and ask questions.  The meeting is recorded using a digital recorder; a copy of the audio file is available from the Office of the U.S. Trustee in Grand Rapids.   


After the meeting, the individual debtor can expect to receive a discharge by mail within a few months.  Even after the discharge, the case may remain open for years, and the debtor's obligation to cooperate with the trustee continues.