Office of Kelly M. Hagan
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee

341 Documents

Please submit documents in support of the 341 meeting of creditors via

BlueStylusTMTrustee Collaborative

(provided by TrusteSolutions)

Instructions for using BlueStylusTM - Trustee Collaborative are available here

For help using BlueStylusTM - Trustee Collaborative, please contact TrusteSolutions support: 


(866) 878-7831

When using BlueStylusTM - Trustee Collaborative, please submit at least two files, one file with tax returns and all pay information, and the second file with all other information (mortgages, vehicle titles, etc.).  Please use descriptive titles for the files (such as "pay & tax" or "all other evidence" or "asset docs" rather than "File 1").  Please note that the upload categories are for your use only--our office does not see the categories, only the file name. 

The following forms and worksheets may assist you in compiling documents for the 341 meeting.  Please note that neither the checklist nor the coversheet is a required document.

Checklist of Documents to be Provided by Debtor

Coversheet for Debtor's Income Information

Guideline for Production of Income and Tax Documents


For assistance in obtaining copies of titles or title applications for Michigan vehicles and other titled assets, refer to these forms.